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We work with a huge
variety of products

From fashion to motors,
home & garden to sports.

Contact us today and find out how we
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product photography

taken by our in house
photographic team

From fashion to fancy dress, electronics to home and
garden - whatever you sell, we can help you have the
best images in your industry.

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with major online marketplaces!

By choosing the most appropriate sales channels,
we can help your business reach it's full potential.

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Our services

You can choose our
Full Brand Management Service

which includes all our online marketplace services or pick and choose the individual service you require.

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We offer a human translation service into French, German, Italian and Spanish to help you grow your Cross Border Sales. We can help you with translation as well as strategy on how to be successful when selling into Europe.

European Buyers love buying British products so get your products into this growing market today!

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Design and Build

Genie and the Geek has a fantastic design team renowned for eBay Store Design at low prices. We have designed and built over 400 eBay Shop Designs in the last 12 months alone. Our eBay Stores are compatible with eSellerPro and ChannelAdvisor.

We also offer Twitter and Facebook page design and Magento based Website services.

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Our clients use our photography services as we have dedicated skilled staff who will photograph your products with the customer in mind. We shoot fashion, footwear, sports equipment, car parts and even electronics for our clients.

If you are looking for a service provider who can photograph your items, edit them and even offer 360 degree view options.

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Courier Management

When working with clients, we provide reports detailing the project and any milestones achieved. The reports are industry leading and contain information on customers, stock, trends and much more. Each report is customised to the client’s needs to ensure that the most is made out of these reports. If you would like to discuss your reporting requirements, contact us now.

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Customer Services

Our in house customer service team are experienced and fully confident to handle customer queries on your behalf. We can offer UK based staff to answer emails and phone calls with options of forwarding second line support back to the client.

Our clients experience an increase in the quality of service that their customers receive once we are managing the customer service.

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We operate out of a scalable warehousing system in Old Trafford, Manchester where we can hold your stock, perform QC and audits. We offer cheap, flexible storage combined with low courier costs to make this an unbeatable option when looking for a fulfilment solution.

By using Genie and the Geek as your fulfilment partner, you can focus on building your business whilst having the peace of mind that your stock is safe and the quality of managing orders is high.

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What we've done for others


Gabicci has seen great success with growth of 100% month on month in the first quarter! Focus has been on developing sales without compromising on quality and brand protection.

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The Official Religion Clothing eBay Store was designed, installed and live within 4 weeks. This included photography, listing creation and data optimisation; and the momentum on the store has not slowed down since!

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Re:Load Menswear
Re:Load Menswear

Reload Menswear had an incredible first 12 months with Genie and the Geek seeing growth of 400% year on year. The success has also helped the business develop a multichannel operation including eBay, Amazon and Website

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Latest blog

Genie and the Geek become Translation partner for eBay UK

Genie and the Geek has been appointed as an official translation partner with eBay to help businesses increase their Cross Border Trade business.
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Social Media Assistant

City of birth?
Stafford, UK

Genie or geek?

What would your superpower be and why?
To click my fingers and be wherever I wanted to be!

What are you scared of?
Having no change for the vender

They say...

eSeller Pro

"Genie and the Geek have well refined skills and processes, built on years of experience, trading across both marketplaces and eCommerce websites. Their success is testament to the instincts of a team who have always pioneered new ideas and been quick to adapt to changes in the eCommerce landscape. "