When selling online it is integral that your product photography sells the item and is of a professional standard. Our in house photography department is fully equipped to provide you with all of your photographic needs. Whether your business is in fashion, electronics, home and garden, car parts, tools – you name it, we can help you to have the best images in your industry.
We provide images shot to the highest standard, tailored specifically to your needs.

Our service provides a speedy turnaround time as well as a full satisfaction guarantee. Our prices start from as low as £6 per product for 3 images and can be found in the table below.

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Stationery, small electronics, wallets, accessories



Shows, bags, small appliances, mirrors



Large car parts, tools, suitcases, white goods


Prices shown are for 2 images per product, to your specification.
Extra images charged at 50% of price shown.



Front, back & close-up

£15 £12 £9 £7

In-1 image for multiples

Optional extra.

£14 £13 £2 £1

Image editing

If you already have your items pictured but need them cutting out or editing to meet your specifications, we also offer an image editing service, prices can be found in the table below.

Image editing


White background & cropping

Prices per image

£1.50 £0.89 £0.65 £0.55

360 Rotations

If you have products that require a 360º view, we can provide this service using our 360 º turntable photo box. We can create three levels of rotation, a standard rotation, a rotation with 3x magnification, or a rotation with 1.1 px zoom and tagging. 360’s are normally produced in a HTML format but can also be supplied as a .swf file. Please find the prices in the table below.

360° Images






Maximum item size 25cm x 25xm x 25cm

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Frequently asked questions

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What information do you need off me to be able to produce a quote?

• what type of items it is that you require shooting e.g. women’s clothing, bags, belts, tools, ipads cases etc etc
• how many items of each style do you have? E.g. 5 belts 4 dresses & 3 pairs of shoes
• which format would you like to receive your images e.g. 1200x1200px @ 72dpi JPEGs
• if there are any special requirements for any of the items e.g. hidden or special features that need highlighting in particular
• do you need any group images putting together i.e. different items of the same style in 1 image

Do I need to be located near to you to be a client?

Nope, you can arrange, or we can arrange for you, delivery and collection of your products to us (this will be at your own cost)

How much will it cost?

We start from as little as £6 per product but please check our pricing table on the website for more details. Once we have all the above information from you we will be able to put together a quote for you.

How long will it take?

From us receiving your products to you receiving your images should take no more than 7 days, however in particularly busy periods this may be up to 10 days, we will keep you informed and up to date on the progress of your items.

What kind of background do you use?

All images will be on a pure white background suitable for many platforms. If you require any special lighting or specific background colour please let us know in advance (subject to extra charge)

I need clothing pictured, do you steam them?

Yes, all clothing is steamed to make sure it looks its best before being pictured.

What size clothing should I send?

Women’s – Size 8-10 clothing Size 4-5 shoes

Men’s – Size M tops (S if M not available) Trousers size 30-32” waist and leg Shoes size 8

Kids – Limited mannequin in pose with bent arms and one bent leg - age 7-8 

Do I have to pay up front?

No. In the proofing stage, after you approve our images you will be sent an invoice for payment. Once the invoice is paid in full you will receive your images in the format you require.

Do you keep backups for me?

We keep all images for 12 months after picturing. We will not pass these on to anyone but yourself.

In what format will I receive my images?

You must state the format you would like to receive your images in before they have been photographed. If you do not state a preference of how you wish to receive them, you will be sent a standard 1200x1200px image that is suitable for e-commerce sites such as E-bay and also your own website. If you require a high quality 300dpi image for the purposes of anything other than web viewing you may be subject to a further 25% charge on top of your quoted price.

Do you guarantee my satisfaction?

Yes. We guarantee our clients complete satisfaction 100%. If you are not completely satisfied with your images and we are unable to make corrections to your satisfaction you will not be billed, no files will be delivered and there will be no charges to you except return shipping costs.

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