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eBay began life in America as a small one man business in 1995. It was quickly established as a great place to open small eCommerce stores and in 1997 started to employ staff to accommodate the growing interest from businesses. eBay gradually expanded from just an auction site and integrated “Buy it now” and “outlet” shopping, which has just included a fashion outlet. eBay is now one of the most visited websites online today, with up to 70,000 new members each day. With the ever growing expansion of eBay, comes great opportunities for budding businesses.

eBay offers a great platform for businesses of any size to open a store and design it to their specific needs. The customers are already there waiting for you, so it makes for a great investment of your time and business development.

The My1stWish group began its business on eBay and is now a multi million pound empire that spans across the globe. Genie and the Geek can help you to utilise this marketplace effectively and can call upon our extensive knowledge of this platform to aid your development.

Amazon was devised in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, selling directly from his home garage in the USA. in 1995 he secured funding of $40,000 to develop his service further and add creative content to his site, within two years the company had generated close to $15.7 million in revenue. Originally created as an online book store, Bevos decided that he wanted to branch the business out to fashion, music and home wares creating the Amazon we see today. In the early 2000's Amazon began letting users create stores and from which small businesses began to develop. In recent weeks ,it has been widely reported that Amazon have began to create new and innovative apps for their stores, which will ultimately add extra footfall to your site.

Amazon currently offers a variety of forums and blogs for their small business members to use. This enables conversation between Amazon and the sellers and helps to create revenue and resolve any issues etc. Genie and the Geek has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Amazon marketplace, and with close ties to head office, can help to push you product forward. was relaunched in 2000 as the one stop shop for region 1 and 2 DVDs. It began in 1998 under the name Play247, however with the ever increasing development of technology it relaunched itself as a DVD, music and technology eCommerce store. Over the period from 2004 to now Play have developed their ranges to include clothing, video games and accessories. Unlike eBay, Play has no auction input so as such is designed purely for selling.

We can help you to start selling through, but also start advertising through them as they are one of the best ports of call for small business advertising.


Pixmania Founded in 2000, is one of the pioneers of e-commerce in Europe and the leading e-commerce site with sales of 828 million €. sells consumer electronic products, toys, baby products, gadgets, luggages, DIY goods and more than 20 other product lines, the retail site operates in 26 countries. has 30 million unique visitors per month and more than 10 million customers. With over 1.4 million products on the site, owes its success to the availability of its products, its low prices, its speed of delivery and its numerous other associated services. The Pixmania group also operates 21 own branded stores across Europe with the unique approach of bringing e-commerce to the streets. 

In April 2006, became part of the Dixons Retail group, the world’s third biggest distributor of consumer electronic products, with over 100 million customers per year, 1,300 stores and 40,000 employees. also includes PIXplace, a market place that allows third party merchants to sell their products directly on The launch of this market place late 2007 has allowed to meet the growing demands of customers by adding new product categories, as well as adding over 1.3 million products to its catalogue.

Price Minister

Priceminister is a French eCommerce site, that is dedicated to linking the best buyers with the best sellers. The site trades all goods inc electrical, household and fashion, but the company is three fold as it has sister sites trading in travel, automotive and real estate. The beauty of this site is that you are connected to Europe straight away, thus broadening your footfall and creating more revenue.

As with pixmania we can set you up with your store, listing your product and adding social networking straight to your site.


Social Media Optimization is fast becoming integral to generating footfall and revenue for all size of businesses. However we understand that the influx of this relativly new media can appear daunting at first.

Social media began in 2002 with the creation of Friendster, originally designed as an ease of contacting friends, it has since developed into two of the most powerful sites in online history, Facebook and Twitter. Both sites offer a variety of avenues to develop your business. Facebook has started to open stores on it’s site, where you can trade securely from your page and also have the benefits of being able to contact millions worldwide. Twitter, on the flip side, is a fantasticly innovative marketing tool for any buisness, offering you the chance to access a contiual blog thread for you buisness.

At Genie and the Geek we can help you to develop your social media presence by offering training and guidance, Facebook page designing and generating followers.

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